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All science classes are held in English at ACI. Laboratory activities and experiments, which are integral components of science, are also very important components of science classes. Besides the laboratory activities that are planned within the curriculum, our students are also convinced to develop authentic researches with the help of science projects clubs, and they have a chance to develop multi-perspective point of view on scientific issues. Our students  can also attend project competitions of various high schools, universities and government commissions such as TÜBİTAK, and find a chance to evaluate their own scientific knowledge and skills. Competitions that are arranged by universities abroad, or, by international organizations, are also applied in our school. Besides these, they can attend the Science Fair which takes place in each SEV American School, once in every two years, and they find a chance to get together with sister school students and present group projects which are both academic and entertaining.


Science laboratories in ACI are equipped for researches and experiments that are planned within the curriculum. Students who want to design authentic research and experiments, can get into contact with local universities, use their labs or visit the related departments.  


The aims of the science department are:


  • Designing and teaching Physics, Chemistry and Biology course contents, which has been determined by Turkish Republic Ministry of National Education Instruction and Schooling Directorate.
  • Bringing our students in skills of  reasoned thinking and develop scientific perspective.
  • Preparing our students for the latest technological global conditions, and graduate them as individuals who are well adapted to this order.
  • Introducing our students the enjoyable side of science, and increase student interest on science fields by arranging activities on various national and international platforms.
  • Preparing well matched learning environments for every student to learn, by diversifying teaching methods that we use in classes, because we know that each individual has different ways of learning.
  • Increasing the use of technology inside the class environment(in terms of presentation, assessment and evaluation, and laboratory activities), and supporting our students to participate.
  • Emphasizing the strong connection between science and other disciplines, and, creating awareness within student understanding of global issues such as global, social and environmental health. 


Please click here to see the Science Department's Program



Science Department Activities


IB Trips:


  • IB ESS Sasalı Waste Water Treatment Systems and Natural Park Trip
  • IB ESS Tahtalı Dam and City Water Filtration Systems Trip
  • IB ESS Ares Windmills Trip




●     Mole Day

●     CERN Trip

●     21st of March, Down Syndrome Awareness Day

●     UNESCO ASP-Net Activities

●     Permaculture Activities

●     First Robotic Competition

●     GIN Luxembourg Conference 


International Competitions:


●     Chem 13

●     Avogadro