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Thank you for your interest in working at ACI. With a rich history and strong traditions, ACI has been an educational leader for over 140 years. Serving students from all regions of Turkey, ACI students, teachers, and alumni genuinely embody the school motto “enter to learn… depart to serve”

We have no openings for the 2023-2024 school year.


Who We Are…

The American Collegiate Institute is a non-profit private high school accredited as the first school in Turkey by the Council of International Schools (CIS) in 1994 and is also authorized to deliver the IB Diploma Program since 2005. We have a student enrollment of 898 students. We have a boys’ dorm and a girls’ dorm for students whose families reside outside of Izmir. We offer need-based and academic scholarships.

We have 121 faculty members and 38 support staff.


School and Housing

ACI is located in the heart of Izmir, overlooking the Aegean Sea on a wooded 12 acre campus. Some of our buildings are registered on the historic registry.

International faculty housing is provided and located within walking distance of the ACI campus. In addition, the school pays for the utilities with the exception of phone, cable, and internet. As Izmir has excellent public transportation, a car is not necessary.


Working at ACI

ACI offers a competitive salary with a good savings potential. Generally, ACI Teacher recruitment is from November through March. We recruit virtually and also use the following recruitment services:


Search Associates

Global Recruiting Collaborative



Teachers at ACI must have a native or near-native English ability, a Bachelor’s Degree in the subject to be taught, and a valid teaching credential in the subject area. In addition,  overseas teaching experience is desirable, along with a commitment to ACI community values and activities.


To teach at ACI a prospective candidate must be eligible for a Turkish work visa.  For visa approval, the requirements of the Turkish Ministry of Education and the Turkish Ministry of Labor stipulate that the teacher must have: (1) an undergraduate degree from a  four-year accredited college/university in the subject area to be taught and (2) a teaching license in that subject area with appropriate grade level endorsement. There are no exceptions to these requirements. Beyond the academic credentials, the school also looks at past experience in international or intercultural working environments, professional collegiality skills, and educational experience outside of the classroom such as: sponsoring clubs, coaching, service-learning experience, etc. Also, note that all social studies classes must be taught in Turkish by Turkish nationals.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

In accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Council of International Schools Child Protection standards, the SEV Foundation is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of students in all SEV schools through the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive Child Protection Policy. Our Child Protection Policy applies to the entire SEV community as well as stakeholders including third-party contractors. ACI places child protection as one of its highest priorities. To safeguard students, ACI recognizes the importance of recruiting and retaining employees who have been vetted through a child protection lens, who are committed to upholding safe practices, and who participate in training to maintain knowledge and skills regarding child protection. To ensure the safety of students, the school shall require all employees to undergo a criminal background check, sign a code of conduct, and participate in child protection training.