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The English Department at ACI aims to teach English in ways that engage and motivate our students. We believe that young people learn best when given responsibility for their own learning and our students are expected to acquire the skills needed to work both collaboratively and individually on projects or thematic units. The motivation amongst our students to learn and succeed in English is variable - they realize that English is hard work and that they have to meet high expectations. It is our job as teachers to ensure that our students benefit from, and enjoy, the work they do and achieve a high standard of written and spoken English.


The purpose of the ACI English Department is twofold: to extend our students’ academic potential and to heighten their awareness of social responsibility.


Our Goals

The goals of the ACI English Department are to produce students who are proficient in all aspects of English, who are capable of completing an academic university program taught in English and who live up to the school motto Enter to learn, Depart to serve.



In English classes the students will:

·         be effective communicators in the English language through the acquisition of the four language skills:   reading, writing, speaking and listening.

·         develop an appreciation of literature and an understanding of its connection to culture and to real life.

·         grow into life-long readers in English.

·         improve their creativity.

·         extend their ability to think analytically and critically.

·         learn to construct a thesis statement and to develop logical support in formal writing.

·         master the ability to listen actively for specific information.

·         acquire effective research skills.

·         gain good study habits including planning, organisation and meeting deadlines.

·         realise the importance of academic honesty.

·         learn to work cooperatively on a variety of written and spoken projects.

·         be aware of the appropriate use of register in spoken and written language.

·         value the responsible use of technology for educational purposes.

·         understand their role as global citizens.

·         take part in community outreach projects arranged by their teachers.

·         reflect on their own learning.

·         become proud of being an ACI student, aware of the history and ethos of the school.



Please click the below links to see the details of the ACI English Program:

Prep Pre-Intermediate Main Course

Prep Intermediate Main Course

Prep Advanced Writing

Prep Pre-Intermediate Spoken Arts

Prep Intermediate Spoken Arts

Prep Advanced Spoken Arts

Lise 1

Lise 2

Lise 3 (Main & IB)

Lise 3 SAT & IELTS Elective

Lise 4 Main Course

Lise 4 IB Language B HL



English Department Curricular Activities


·         Prep Writing Trip: to Kemeraltı.

·         Prep Pre-Intermediate: Elder Partners’ Project .

·         Prep Intermediate and Advanced: Rakım Erkutlu Elementary School Project.

·         Prep Pre- Intermediate: Rakım Erkutlu at ACI.

·         Prep Intermediate and Advanced: Epic Journey, Metropolis.

·         Prep Open Evening: an invitation to parents.

·         Lise 1: Blood in the Ruins: Romeo and Juliet at the ancient Agora, Izmir

·         Prep and Lise 1: ISTA Artists in Residence.

·         Lise 2: Poetry Slam.

·         Lise 3: Human Rights Day Exhibition.

·         IB Theatre Showcase

·         ACI Reads: Community-wide reading project



English Department Extra-Curricular Activities


·         ISTA: International Schools Theatre Association – festival attendance and hosting.

·         ESFF: European Schools’ Film Festival – France/Switzerland.

·         English Drama Club – theatre productions

·         MUN Model United Nations Club

·         Sister School Social Service Club

·         Radio Club

·         Simply Green Club– environmental awareness

·         English Newspaper – online publication