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Questions About Registration Process:


What was the admission score of ACI for 2023-2024?

The admission score for 2023-2024 was 463.
The new score will be announced in the 2024-2025 Guidelines for Private Schools Admissions.


What is the total quota of the prep class for 2024-2025?

The number of students to be admitted through the LGS exam is 180 in total, including a contingency of 20 students for girls dorm and 20 students for boys dorm.


Is the prep year compulsory?

Yes, the preparatory year is compulsory. This program can be described as the "preparation year for high school life" when, in addition to the academic program, expected student behavior, qualifications and skills are taught and developed.


What lessons are included in the prep program?

An intensive English program, Second Foreign Language (German, French or Spanish), Turkish, Science, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Music, Information Technologies and Homeroom courses are offered in the prep year.


Is there a boarding opportunity?

Yes, there is. ACI has a dormitory both for female and male students. Currently we have 75 female and 84 male students living in our dormitories.


Can we visit the school before registration?

You can call the school to make an appointment to visit the campus.


Will the registrations take place at the school?

Yes, the detailed information in the 2024-2025 Guidelines for Private Schools Admissions will be shared on the school website.


How do we complete the pre-registration?

On the days specified in the 2024-2025 Guidelines for Private Schools Admissions, please visit the website to click on the link for the pre-registration application form which will be active.


Is there a separate quota for boys and girls?

No, we do not announce a separate quota for boys nor girls.


What should be done if someone other than the parents wants to complete the enrollment procedures?

In the event that the formalities are to be complete by individuals other than the mother or father for the student, a power of attorney issued by the legal parents of the student will be required. If the parents are divorced, registration must be completed by the parent who holds the legal custody. In both cases, the custodial authorization or a power of attorney must be presented at the time of signing the enrolment contract.


What is the course of action in the event that the power of attorney is granted to multiple people?

When the power of attorney is to be issued to more than one person for registration purposes, the names of all individuals concerned can be listed under a single power of attorney. However, those who will complete the procedures with a power of attorney should present the original version of the document. (Photocopies will not be accepted.)


If we would like to transfer to another school after registration, how do we withdraw the enrollment?

If you want to transfer to another school after registration (outside of the transfer period), the steps are as follows:

● The parent or the individual who holds a power of attorney for registration submits a signed petition to the school or sends it by e-mail.

● The registration of the student is canceled in the e-Okul system, the new school completes the enrolment process by pulling the student's name from the e-Okul system.


Are there any deductions from the deposited amount in case of withdrawal?

As per the provision in Article 56 of the Ministry of Education Regulation for Private Schools, the yearly tuition fee, with a deduction of 10%, will be refunded to those who withdraw their enrolment before the start of the academic year while 10% of the tuition fee plus the amount calculated for days the student received education will be retained in cases where the enrolment is withdrawn after the start of the academic year. 


Who eligible to withdraw a student's enrollment?

Individuals the details for whom are specified above who are authorized for enrollment can complete the withdrawal of enrollment process. 


How is the tuition fee paid? Is there an option to pay by credit card?

During the registration period, Yapı Kredi Bank officers will be present at our school. Options for payment transactions are presented below:


Cash Payment:

If this payment option is preferred, the total tuition fee can be deposited to Yapı Kredi Bank account by bank transfer or credit card.


Payment by Installments

Payments by installments is possible provided that Worldcard credit cards are used.

Payments in installments can be made via Yapı Kredi Bank Overdraft Account (TEST). The down payment can be deposited to Yapı Kredi Bank account by transfer or credit card.


How does the process regarding school uniforms, textbooks, meals and service buses work?

The school uniform can be obtained from the school store located on campus and via the website which will be shared with you. Regarding book orders, detailed information will be available in the document to be shared with our parents after the completion of enrolment procedures. 


Information about meals and service buses will also be shared later via e-mail.


Which Financial Support Scholarships are available?

Financial Support (needs-based) Scholarship is awarded based on the eligibility criteria and procedures described in the Health and Education Foundation's (SEV) Scholarship Regulations. In order to be considered by the scholarship committee, applications must be made during the first pre-registration period by clicking the "Apply for scholarship" button at the bottom of the pre-registration form. This is a one-year scholarship. All applications are reviewed by the school's scholarship committee. Scholarships are allocated at rates varying between 10% and 100% in line with the determined financial need. Those who would like to receive Financial Support Scholarship beyond one year should renew their application every year and participate in the evaluation process. Passing to the next grade level and not having received any disciplinary penalties are requirements for the continuation of the scholarship.