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World-Class Education!

The CIS (Council of International Schools) is a respectable institution of world-wide fame, which certifies primary schools and high schools that provide education at the prescribed quality. The council evaluates member schools against world-class quality criteria. It awards schools that meet the criteria with an "accreditation” certificate.

An accreditation certificate means long hours of labor-intensive effort for schools. In order that its education quality would be certified by an international institution, in 1994 ACI applied to the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), which was the certified body of those years, and became the first accredited education institution of Turkey. What makes CIS important for the education world is that it strives not to reach the quality standard but to sustain it. In 2003, 2008 and recently in 2014, the ACI accreditation was re-evaluated by CIS in this light and was renewed.


What is the Aim of the CIS Accreditation?


• It ensures that the school targets perfection at all stages of education.
• It guarantees a high-quality education program through clearly defined objectives and standards.
• It ensures that the school becomes aware of its strong and weak points and completes its shortcomings through continuous development.
• It enables schools to test themselves globally through comparisons with similar schools across the world.