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It is our common goal to raise happy and successful children!


Although the school takes professional responsibility for the child’s intellectual and physical development, it can only achieve this goal with the family’s support and cooperation.

The family plays a key role in both reinforcing the education given and ensuring its continuity.


The Parent-Teacher Association members are elected at a general assembly held at the beginning of each year in accordance with the related legislation.


For the representation of all class levels it is important that parents attend the general assembly of the PTA, to which all parents are natural members.


Members elected to the administration themselves determine their duties within the administrative body. The PTA list is updated every year.


The aims of the Parent-Teacher- Association are:


  • Facilitating the communication between parents and the school and establishing communication channels in keeping with the principles of transparency and openness
  • Organizing a wide variety of activities that support the education of children.
  • Encouraging and protecting the ACI spirit and solidarity
  • Suggesting and supporting all innovations that would benefit ACI students in their personal development and academic education.


The Board of Directors manages itself and the Parent-Teacher Association within the framework of the related legislation and regulations of the Ministry of National Education. For more information please visit http://mevzuat.meb.gov.tr/html/25831_0.html  (in Turkish)