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Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, ACI holds itself to the highest standards of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.


Teachers at SEV/American Schools model the SEV Foundation’s code of ethics and values, the  ‘United Nations Rights of the Child’ charter, and the Council of International Schools Accreditation standards on Child Protection.


Our institution’s primary concern is to provide education for students in a totally safe environment.

The candidate, by applying to this position, acknowledges, accepts  and declares:

  • never to have committed any crime related to child abuse;
  • never to have been accused of and/or engaged in any action that would qualify as child abuse;
  • never to have taken part in such a crime and/or assisted in hiding such facts.



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I certify that the information given by me in this application is true in all respects and understand that the omission and/or misrepresentation of any fact may be cause for immediate dismissal. I authorize past employers, educational institutions, all references, and any other persons to answer all questions asked concerning my ability, character, reputation, educational background, and previous employment record and history.

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