Dear Guests,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the American Collegiate Institute and our website.  


The American Collegiate Institute has a rich history, full of unique stories and unparalled loyality and tradition.   Naturally, throughout the American Collegiate Institute’s long history, the school has undergone dramatic changes; as a result, ACI consider’s its ability to adapt to change and continue to prosper to be one of its greatest strengths. Within ACI’s mission statement, the goal of continuous renewal is explicit , thus the school since its establishment in 1878 has continuously progressed and  strengthened itself to become one of the finest educational institutions in Turkey.


At the  school level, the most recent and dramatic changes have come with the addition of the ACI Girls’ Dormitory (2009) and the ACI Boys’ Dormitory (2011).  As part of an overall strategy to attract the finest students to the American Collegiate Institute, more residential students will be studying at ACI within the coming years. The movement to reinstitute a boarding tradition and expand ACI’s motto, “Enter to Learn; Depart to Serve.”to a national level is now well underway.


With the American Collegiate Institute’s established tradition of academic excellence and university placement central to the school’s mission, ACI has focused its attention on a newly created Vision Statement – “Striving for academic success in accordance with the guiding principles of the school”.  A new strategic plan is in place with a central focus on the school’s approach to teaching and learning.  This  means that ACI teachers are working hard to review and strengthen their teaching practice in instruction, IT integration and student assessment to ensure that our graduates have the skills to enter the top univerisities in Turkey and around the world.


At the American Collegiate Institute the educational experience targets the broad needs of the learner – focusing on the mind, body and the spirit of the student. From its earliest days to present, ACI continues to offer students a full range of experiences through its academic program, sport, music, dramatic and visual arts, cultural experiences, social service involvement, internationalism and a participatory democratic model. ACI’s present, like its past, continues to offers students an outstanding foundation for a life of continuous learning.




Tim Huttemann

Head of School



Our school Principal, Didem Erpulat’s Opening Speech of the new school year:


Dear Students, Teachers, Parents and Graduates,


As ACI family, we are happy and proud of meeting you once again on a September morning.


The beginning of a new academic year is always exciting to our students and to us.  A new academic year always means to us new hopes, new goals and new experiences.  As Prep students are beginning to a new school, dorm students moving to a new town, new teachers starting to work at a new school and our senior students beginning their graduating year, some are in hurry to move into new buildings, some are curious of the new lessons they are going to take for the first time, some are full of joy of meeting their old friends and some are excited to meet their new friends.  But what we all feel is the same excitement and happiness...


We are starting a new school year growing and strengthening more with 188 new Prep students, coming from different cities.  These students who passed through a difficult exam and registration period, and joined our ACI family with high points strengthening our standing as an educational institution not only in İzmir but all over Turkey.   We believe that they will achieve much more at our school, seeing the proud at their faces and the excitement deep in their hearths.


And our senior students sharing the excitement of the opening days since past four years... An intensive and hard but at the same time much exciting and unforgettable school year is ahead of them, where they will study with ambition and determination to enter to the national or foreign universities they have been aiming with the knowledge and skills they have gained till now, while they will be leading all of the school activities. They must be sure that we will be beside them at every stage of this challenging period and are confident that they will reach their goals.


This year will be full of new excitements also to our students getting a year older and starting a new school year.  With new tracks chosen, new classes, new courses and clubs, activities and social services they are going to take part, they will learn and have fun together, as they will find themselves and move on forward towards their goals.  They will learn from their mistakes, will ask help and support when necessary, and will come over all difficulties without getting desperate and by studying systematically, and will make us and their parents proud with their success.  Each student is considered as a separate individual at our school and our students’ differences, personalities, creativeness and dreams will keep enriching us.


We would also like to thank our 2018 graduates as well as all our other graduates who are here today sharing with us the excitement of starting a new school year.  An institution’s greatest success is establishing a mutual relation with their gradues they brought into life...  Our gradautes who are present here today is the evidence of how great is this relation... We are always proud of them...


Dear Guests;


American Collegiate Institute with its deep rooted history, strong academic program, meaningfull and all-purpose social activities and services, well equipped and strong teachers, and devoted support staff, enchances its success in academic and social areas more each year in the direction of our school’s guiding statements.


ACI will keep moving forward in the direction of Atatürk’s contemporary vision and principles, raising individuals who are progressive, secular, independent and democratic, with an educational understanding embracing national and universal values, sensitive to global issues, questioning, critical and enfolding differences.


We wish all of us a happy, healthy and successful school year, learning by sharing, enjoying by learning, and maintaining our todays excitement and enthusiasm.


Didem Erel ERPULAT (ACI ’87)

School Principal