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The idealism of the early American educators is preserved within our campus and many buildings have been named after the school’s early founders. On the ACI campus , you will find a purpose-built science facility with multiple laboratories, 550 seat Blake Performing Arts Center and Exhibition Hall, computer and arts facilities, outdoor amphitheatre, outdoor sports courts, as well as academic buildings housing over 30 classrooms for teaching and learning. The newest building on the main campus, the Taner Building, is home to our prep, grade 9 and 10 students. The Taner Building houses additional science and computer labs, classrooms, and the middle / high school  cafeteria. The top floor of the Taner building is the girls’ residence for 60 female boarding students.  This purposely designed building offers a bright and modern learning facility and residence. Immediately across the street form our Main Hatay Gate, is the new boys’ residence, which was opened in September of 2012, and is a home to 81 male residents.


Naomi Foster Library has over 43,000 titles, online and automated databases, and global video-conferencing facilities.  The Shepard Sports Hall, which has multiple courts and spacious training facilities for our many competitive teams, is also a shared facility. Shepard Hall includes multiple changing areas, a classroom,  a full fitness center, dance/aerobics studio, table tennis and a squash court. 


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