To ensure that its students attain high academic success; have equal fluency in Turkish and English; and adapt to the ever-changing world as positive leaders while developing the necessary skills, attitudes and sense of responsibility to serve their country and humanity as well-rounded global citizens.



To ensure academic success and personal well-being by creating sustainable learning environments



Enter to learn, depart to serve





  • Use reason, and scientific and critical thinking as a guide with full commitment to the ideals of Atatürk
  • Demonstrate high academic success and dedication to lifelong learning
  • Acquire the skills of how to obtain and evaluate knowledge, use the information responsibly, and gain digital competence


Global Citizenship

  • Multilingualism
  • Respect and celebrate cultural diversity
  • Act ethically in accordance with strong values and principles
  • Understand the value of Human Rights and the ideals of democracy
  • Embracing a gender-equal society
  • Understand climate issues and work diligently to protect the environment



  • Adapt creatively and innovatively to the times using scientific inquiry, literary and artistic approaches, information technology and the social sciences 
  • Embody responsibility, self-confidence, initiative, teamwork and risk-taking; be an effective communicator with strong leadership, organizational and time management skills
  • Develop both physically and spiritually, display psychological resilience and flexibility, while understanding the value of living a healthy life
  • Care about and participate in social service activities



Last update on January 6, 2021