The mission of the American Collegiate Institute is to ensure that its students,admitted through a central examination, attain high academic success; have equal fluency in Turkish and English; become lifelong learners and effective communicators who continuously renew themselves adapting to the developing and changing life conditions, acquire an international and intercultural  appreciation and understanding and that have the necessary skills to serve their country and humanity as individuals who have positive attitudes and a sense of responsibility.



Striving for academic success in accordance with the guiding principles of the school




Enter to learn, depart to serve



An ACI student will be educated to:


  • use  wisdom and knowledge as a guide
  • practice a clear commitment to the ideals of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
  • achieve high academic success.
  • access knowledge using a variety of research paths and resources to obtain reliable information
  • benefit from technological developments
  • adapt creatively and innovatively to the times using scientific inquiry, literary and artistic approaches, information technology and the social sciences
  • develop a global perspective with an appreciation of cultural diversity
  • embody responsibility, self-confidence, initiative, teamwork and risk-taking
  • become a critical thinker
  • be an effective communicator able to express herself well both verbally and in written form
  • act ethically in accordance with strong values
  • understand the value of Human Rights
  • contribute to a democratic life
  • develop both physically and spiritually,taking part in sports' activities and understanding the value of living a healthy life
  • be involved in the protection of the environment
  • care about and participate in social service activities.
  • behave with the awareness of social gender equality



      The Responsibilities of the American Collegiate Institute are:


  • to ensure the implementation of a strong curriculum
  • to adopt an international approach to education
  • to aid the development of the student as an individual
  • to integrate dormitory life to school life
  • to provide a democratic environment   
  • to provide activities which are educational
  • to inculcate a sense of social service and environmental awareness
  • to built a school environment which is sensitive to social gender equality
  • to prepare students for life outside school
  • to continually renew and update.


The Scope of the Responsibilities of the American Collegiate Institute are:


  • to embrace the principles of Ataturk and a logical, scientific viewpoint
  • to follow the National Curriculum and ensure its completion
  • to provide the opportunity for the willing students to take the IB programme in addition to the  National Curriculum
  • to provide a rich electives programme by taking the individual differences into account
  • to create a caring and safe atmosphere and enable the students to participate effectively in school life by placing the idea of "Living together, learning together" at the center of the dormitory life,
  • to support and encourage the use of different teaching methods
  • to provide opportunities to use technology correctly
  • to enrich the library and ensure it is used effectively
  • to measure the degree of instruction using the appropriate gauges and evaluation criteria
  • to prepare students for both national and international higher education by providing a strong curriculum as well as giving practice examinations to this end
  • to be mindful to employ a highly qualified teachers
  • to give importance to professional staff development
  • to plan meetings so teachers can coordinate
  • to support interaction between different disciplines
  • to conduct a systematic evaluation of the faculty
  • to provide an equally strong education in English as in Turkish
  • to take care to maintain a reasonable ratio of foreign teachers
  • to expose the students to different groups, cultures and point of views through the curricula and various events and activities
  • to provide the opportunity for students to evaluate their progress through the taking of internationally recognised examinations such as,PSAT,SAT, IELTS, START and DELF
  • to present the opportunity for students to express themselves at an international level through participation in clubs such as, MUN, ISTA, JA and GIN
  • to facilitate the individual growth of the student by supporting the Extra - Curricular Program,the National and International College Counselors and Guidance Department and to enable this work to be done in consultation with the teachers
  • to give importance to the interaction between parent, teacher and student
  • to enable the students to comprehend the importance of consulting and sharing by ensuring every ACI student to take a participatory role in the Social Service programme
  • to prepare students for the real world by educating them with national and international values so they become successful world citizens
  • to embrace the idea of renewal so that the school can provide a better education in the face of both a changing nation and world and by applying the CIS Accreditation as part of this process.


Revised in June 2016