Aims –


The objective of the International University Counseling Office is to assist students in finding the best match in their university research process and to broaden their perspectives about educational opportunities overseas.  We encourage students to seek out information about universities through research, self-exploration, self-reflection, and guidance from counselors and university representatives.  We prioritize self- advocacy during the college process, and pride ourselves on being able to assist students with their applications all over the world. 


The IUC represents ACI at international conferences and campus visits and hosts university visitors from around the world.  The IUC also acts to educate our parents, students, staff, administrators, and faculty members as to the specific qualities of overseas university systems and opportunities.


Programs -


The IUC offers a comprehensive schedule of programs for all ACI Students tailored for each year of high school.  From one-on-one meetings, small workshops, larger gatherings, to university visits to ACI, students are exposed to the vast array of overseas university systems and receive all the guidance necessary for navigating the complexities across the international university spectrum.


Activities –


In addition to ongoing programming and university visits to ACI throughout the school year, the IUC is proud to offer the ACI community special events such as:


Night programs open to all of Izmir for selected universities from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom – like night programs from Columbia, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, and Emory and New York University


Education Day in early fall – every year we host around 70-80 universities from around the world


Spring break college trip to Washington DC, New York, and Boston


James Boobar

International University Counselor
ext: 4474

Ebru Er Doğruya

Associate Int. University Counselor
ext: 4405

​Senem Ildırara IUC Office Assistant
ext: 4421




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