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The international staff of the American Collegiate Institute and the SEV Elementary School live in the school’s staff housing refered to as “The Lojman”.  It is located adjacent to the main ACI campus and across the street from SEV Elementary School.


 The lojman building has 14 individual apartments, two of which are designed for couples which have an additional guest bedroom. Standard faculty apartments include  a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. All apartments are funished and ready for new hires to comfortably moving in to.  All apartments include basic furnishings and appliances. Washing machines and dryers are located in a common laundry room in the lojman building.


 In certain cases, where housing is not available in the lojman building, apartments are rented within the neighborhood surrounding the schools.  These apartments are rented and outfitted to provide the same standards as the the lojman apartments.