Following their success in the Izmir and Prag tournaments, our World Scholar's Cup Team returned back from Yale University with medals. Bahar Yoleri, Duygu Çakmur ve Lara Öztürkeri and their sponsor teacher Meri Roditi represented ACI at the Yale Tournament of Champions. ACI team won gold and silver medals and got back hope with great success. 

Our awards:

Bahar Yoleri

34th Place - Scholar's Bowl

Honor Medal - Debate Champions

Top 30% - Challenge Special Area

Top 40% - Individual Challenge

Top 45% - Challenge Literature

2nd Place - Top Central Asia and Turkey Scholars

Honor Medal - Champion Scholars School Top Scholar

Honor Medal - Challenge History

Honor Medal - Writing Champions


Duygu Cakmur

34th Place - Scholar's Bowl

Top 25% - Challenge Special Area

Top 40% - Challenge History

Top 50% - Challenge Literature


Lara Ozturkeri

34th Place - Scholar's Bowl