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Down syndrome is caused by a +1 chromozome in our cells. Its not a disease, its not about genetic inheritance. It randomly occurs during spermatogenesis and oogenesis. Every individual with Down Syndrome has different levels of learning difficulties. They have some general physical characteristics, and they may have a tendency to have some health issues. Reflections of Down syndrome on each individual are different. It is their personal behaviours, strengths and weaknesses that defines who they are. You can read more about Down syndrome from https://www.ndss.org/Down-Syndrome/What-Is-Down-Syndrome/

Last year, on March 21st of 2014, a spectacular event took place in our school. Everyone came to school with colorful socks on that day. Our purpose was to say that “WE ARE AWARE”. We just wanted to show that individuals with Down Syndrome begin to their life with only +1 difference and there are not much difference between them and others. We wanted to show that we are AWARE that, if given a chance, they can perform everything that every individual in a society can do – they can read and write, learn a foreign language, graduate from university, fall in love, marry and start a family, get a job....

This year, too, we came to school wearing our colorful socks . It was a successful event as last year's. We were all happy to draw attention to "DOWN SYNDROME" once more.